Shanghai delegates visit postpartum nursing center in Taichung

A group of citizens from Shanghai visited a postpartum nursing center in Taichung city on Sept 1, 2013. The group will participate in the third Shanghai-Taiwan Women Cultural Week held in September in Taipei.

In the Mamamia Mothercare Center, officials from the Taichung municipal health bureau and the executive officer of the Mamamia Mothercare Center introduced their management experience in postpartum nursing.

Taiwan postpartum nursing centers are under the supervision of local health bureaus. The health bureaus also give instructions on pre-approval, hardware environment, personnel qualifications, staffing proportions, services, prices and evaluations.

The Mamamia Mothercare Center, which opened nine months ago, has 28 beds for new mothers. Its comfortable environment, tender services and advantaged location close to gynecology, obstetrics and neonatology clinics have attracted many mothers and infants.