General goals for the next five years for women working in Shanghai

The next five years are a crucial period for China in increasing its reforms and opening-up, making use of strategic opportunities, and building a more comfortable society overall. The city of Shanghai has a goal of building a modern metropolis and is doing everything it can to lead the country in its modernization. It is also speeding up work to make itself into an economic, trade, finance and shipping center. Meanwhile, its World Expo 2010 was a wonderful, unforgettable experience and provided many opportunities for the women of Shanghai, while at the same time, putting new demands on them and on the women's federation.

Generally speaking, Shanghai's women need to work on: emancipating their minds, moving with the times, focusing on main tasks, serving their interests overall, being more innovative, and accomplishing great things. The Shanghai Women's Federation (SWF) truly understands the needs and rules of women's work in this new period and will become more actively involved in public services and social affairs. The women of Shanghai can improve themselves through the Magnolia Initiatives of Participation, Learning, and Care by getting involved and sharing the fruits of development and cooperation.

The general goals are following the 11th Five-year Plan for Shanghai Women's Development, reaching the mid-term goals of the country's 12th Five-year Plan, increasing gender equality, implementing the Law on Protecting Women's Right and the Law on the Protection of Minors, maintaining Shanghai's leading role in female development in China, and achieving a level of female development that is comparable to that of mid-developed countries elsewhere in the world.