Magnolia Learning Initiative

1. To encourage lifelong self-study, we have drawn up a plan on Implementing the Women's Education and Training System and applied it to encourage women to practice, benefit from, and promote life-long learning. Through the national education system, women will be encouraged to continue their studies to serve society and improve their own competitive abilities and there will be more support for professional women in taking part in continued education through training. There will also be large learning activities organized in communities for local women and migrant workers to increase their education and moral development. Lifelong learning and self-study is even expected to become a fashion among the women of Shanghai.

2. To help women in their various studies and to get them to apply what they've learned, we are promoting the "Million Families Learning Etiquette" program as a result of the 2010 Shanghai Expo. The 2010 Shanghai Expo was used to promote female patriotism and pride through family involvement and the learning of etiquette. At the same time, community campaigns encouraged women to study etiquette and manners and there will be the study of English for learning new skills among female employees and related competitions organized for women. The Shanghai Women's Federation (SWF) is working with other institutions on an E-Networking Project for 10,000 village families to promulgate modern information and communications technology among female farmers. Local women will also be encouraged to study the laws to become law-abiding citizens and there will be more cultural activities to enrich community life.


3. To develop women's talent for greater success, the Party's organization departments will help develop a female talent bank at the municipal and district level which will also provide such services as consultation and exchanges to increase female accomplishments and recognition. By utilizing local women's middle schools and colleges, the SWF will look for new ways to cultivating women's talent to give them more chances to show their qualities.