Purposes of Magnolia Care Initiative

1. The better management of social affairs and better use of society for women and children's development

The Shanghai Women's Federation (SWF) works with government and departments at various level to help make policies and statutes in keeping with local women's and children's development, and helps look for practical ways to deal with things that impede Shanghai women's and children's development. The Federation works hard to increase public awareness of the need for equality between men and women to increase gender consciousness which is important n society. It also wants to establish a way to increase gender equality through a gender-sensitive analysis of public policies. It is involved in formulating, revising and supervising laws and regulations related to women's and children's rights and tries to expand the role of women in the People's Congress, CPPCC and Women's Congress so female deputies can fulfill their role through greater participation. It wants to establish a well-integrated way to point to women's and children's needs.


2. Develop a social cooperation network and guarantee the protection of women's rights

The Shanghai Women's Federation will use mediation, appeals, and conflict resolution to protect women's rights  and will play a role in maintaining safety in society. It wants to develop a network for women's petitions, psychological consultation, and legal assistance, with mediation groups in all districts and counties to be improved, as along with shelters for those suffering from domestic violence and abuse at the community level, to maintain social harmony. In the case of professional women, there needs to be systemic safeguards. The Federation will work on standardizing the role of spokeswoman to safeguard against social injustice and gender inequality and increase the federation's reach and influence.


3. Provide diverse services to meet women's and children's needs

The Shanghai Women's Federation tries to help women and children so they can enjoy the fruits of the reforms and opening-up and tries hard to understand, give voice to, and solve women's, children's and families' problems, with priority given to women's survival and employment, social security and health. Special attention is given to female farmers who have lost their land, migrant women working in cities, elderly women, street urchins, and children left behind in the countryside. The Federation is trying to make better use of Community Family Culture Development Guidance Centers in dealing with social problems related to women, children and the family and it arranges experts to do research on marriage and the family to provide more scientific, effective services for families.

One of its characteristic and more effective services has been the Care for Your Life program, which was designed with family development in mind. Other work at the Federation that has received praise has been the Shanghai Family Volunteers Team, Community Women's School, Parent-Child Activity Club, and Community Service Office of Intellectual Women. These will be strengthened to better meet people's needs and more care and love will be provided for disadvantaged women through such projects as 8.18 Action Day for Needy Students,Medical Support for Needy Women Suffering from Gynecological Diseases, and Community Women's Legal Aid Sub-Centers.