Goals of the Magnolia Participation Initiative

1. Show the elegance and demeanor of women and follow the Shanghai Women's spirit.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up policy and the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of China, the Shanghai Women Federation (SWF) will select the Top 100 Shanghai Women to act as role models and to recognize them for having contributed to their respective fields, since 1949. This initiative is expected to illustrate Shanghai women's intelligence, manners, confidence, diligence, and innovative ability and encourage women to devote themselves to society and the development of a modern socialist society.


2. Encourage women to be enthusiastic and to innovate and take part in economic development.

There will be more activities such as the "ACWF-backed project" and "Learning and Competing Campaign", in accordance with the nation's need to promote healthy, rapid economic development, and the public appraisal of "March 8th" Red-banner Holder and Shanghai Women's Innovation awards will continue as before. There will be a selection of 1,000 model units, mostly composed of female employees, to encourage women employees to accomplish more and take the lead in their work. In addition, the Young Women's Career Development Plan and Business Setup Mentoring Program of Female Entrepreneurs will be developed to provide girls at school with the sense of morality and qualifications needed by professionals. And, thanks to the Shanghai Women's Business Forum and Women Employment and Business Setup Guidance Centers, local women can get advice on entering the business world and even become business leaders. Around 300 major villages in the countryside will be encouraged to develop model villages and countryside women will have greater environment awareness, and improve their manners and quality of life. And senior female technicians will be encouraged to lecture on new techniques to help women farmers to increase their income.



3. Improve family culture and encourage millions of families to join the drive for social harmony.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Five-Virtue Model Family Appraisal Initiative, the Shanghai Women's Federation will appraise 10,000 models of Five-Virtue Model Family to improve society through greater awareness of gender equality, fraternity, caring for the elderly and the young, and helping others for a just cause. Related activities, such as the Little Citizen Morality Development will continue, along with lectures on family education to spread the new concepts on family education and there will be model mothers involved to describe their approach to educating children. And, in view of the increasing ideological and cultural needs of women, children and families, there will be a Family Culture Festival, Family Education Week to address the new demands and develop community harmony. And the SWF will be involved in the environment protection drive to increase public awareness of the need to save energy among families.


4. Get more women's organizations actively involved in exchanges with women's groups abroad.

There need to be more cultural exchanges between women, focusing on the theme of the 2010 World Expo Shanghai -- Better City, Better Life -- to convey the essence of Chinese tradition and modern civilization and the wisdom and glamour of Shanghai's women. To make better use of women's role among the people, the Shanghai Women's Federation will interact with women's organizations in other countries to a greater degree and the international forum on women's and children's issues will continue to increase research on womenĄŻs and children's development. There will be greater liaison with women and women's organizations in Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan to facilitate cooperation and the Shanghai Women's Federation will increase ties with women in democratic parties, and members of ethnic groups.